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Celebrating Ten Years

Year One

It's 10 YEARS of M.G. Bailey's One Man Band and to commemorate it, we're releasing one video per week looking back on the evolution of the concept, the rig and the sound of M.G. Bailey. Click here for The Evolution of M.G. Bailey videos. This week we start at the beginning with year one -  and we're doing it in sweatpants.

Year Three

Year three is a 2-in1 which saw experimentation with laundry baskets and buckets, street performing, and also beginning to play The Tin Ceiling Tavern regularly as he perfected foot drumming while he played guitar and sang.

Year Five

In year 5, we branch out into some of the auxiliary instruments used and experimented with, including the boomstick, the embarrassing Silence of the Lambs mask era, and the introduction of the harmonizer pedal.

Year Seven
Year Two

For year two, we see more sweatpants and hear about how M.G.Bailey settled on his stage name, the beginnings of experimenting with a loop pedal and hear a little trivia you never knew about the song "Nebraska"  - with a little Misfits thrown in for good measure.

Year Four

In year four we have some real talk about the hard work and struggle behind the scenes of becoming a successful working musician while releasing "Loosey Goosey", growing a fan base, and picking up a few haters a long the way.

Year Six

Year six sees the difficulties behind the recording and release of the "Give a Little Get a Little" album, trying to focus on originals when everyone wants Tom Petty covers, and what comes next after landing gigs at Chicago's Metro and House of Blues -  ultimately pushing through and finding "Happiness".

Year Eight

Year eight Ain't Nothin But a G'Thang and saw a lot of development with the looper, the MGB branding, and the release of the self-titled album.

Year Nine

Year Nine was the release of "Long Time Comin'" and a major shift back to electric drums which opened up a new experimental phase in sounds and tricks.

Year Ten

Year Ten all of the lessons learned from the past decade of rig experimentation came together to form the final rig creation, a solid all-in-one portable machine in a box. 

Year seven we bust a street busking rig out of the instrument rubble, strap on the skateboard converse tambo, and decide it's too cold outside to go very far.

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